Oh no, disaster has struck! A travelling airship has crash landed in your village! Luckily nobody has been seriously hurt, but some people appear to be in trouble! Can you and your villagers help to save the day!?

If you can, you will be rewarded with two brand new fun items, two new villager outfits, a new shelter and three new villagers!

2 new Airship Down fun items and new firefighter outfits! 

As you progress through the Airship Down quest you will unlock 2 brand new fun items! Each fun item will help your villagers along their journey and will also provide them with plenty of happiness!

You will also unlock a male and female firefighter outfit that you can use to dress your villagers so they are ready for any emergency!

Here are the brand new fun items and firefighter outfits that can be earned by completing the Airship Down quests:

3 New Airship Down Villagers!

Along your journey you will also encounter a family trapped in the wreckage of the Airship and they are in desperate need of help! If you and your villagers can rescue them in time, this family will decide to stay and live in your village!

Please be aware that the Airship Down quest will only appear once all other active quests have been completed!

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